Broadcast.. Using Your Own PC !!

" Flexible and economical Internet Radio Station Solutions !! "
If you wish to set up a broadcast and don't want to pay the radio frequency fees, then Internet radio is what you should look for. We can assist you in creating your own online radio station using your PC or Laptop with dedicated internet connection.


Internet Radio Stations

Webcasts are becoming a popular source for listening to music. They don’t involve downloading copies to a hard drive. They are just for listening pleasure, and possibly an enthused listener will go out and purchase an album. The internet is a great place to find new and upcoming talent, which is why people have accepted webcasts with open arms.

What is Internet Radio?

In the mid-1990's a small but growing collection of Internet radio stations started stringing up worldwide. Using "streaming audio" technology, webcasting (as it's now commonly known), brings radio stations from around the world within easy reach via your desktop computer. Many of the worldwide broadcasters offer a streaming radio service over the Internet, often tied into the station's website. Viewing a station's website allows you to the faces behind the voices (and shatter some illusions!), in some cases see what's happening live in the on-air studio via a studio webcam, plus send email or instant messages to the on-air presenter.

All you need to setup a radio station online is :

    • CD Player
    • CD ripping software (To gather your audio files)
    • Audio editing software
    • Your Personal Computer
    • A standard hosting account with an ISP
    • Audio Encoding Software
    • .. and our consulation to put the things togeather